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Ecopsychology is a new and "diverse field committed to placing human psychology into an ecological context", that proposes that the mind is "tangled up with" the natural world. (Fisher, 2005: 557-558). Perhaps the best established theory of ecopsychology is the 'wilderness effect’ which Greenway claims is "increasingly accepted as a given" (Greenway, 1995: 128).

Additional reading:

John Scull's article, The Separation from More-than-Human Nature is a good introduction. Also see the interview with Sarah Conn on the New England Psychologist.

Robert Greenway's paper On Crossing and Not Crossing the Wilderness Boundary (circa 1997) is now quite out of date but still offers facinating insights into the wilderness effect.

From there, I hope you'll be inspired to explore more through my selection of suggested websites.

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