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Eco-spirituality / Judaism

An in-depth analysis of the relationship between Judaism and environmental thought is under preparation.

Meanwhile, a flavour of the principles of Jewish environmentalism is provided by 'The Noah Project', a UK-based environmental organisation.

The Project is "committed to raising awareness of environmental issues throughout the Jewish community through education, celebration of Jewish festivals and practical action projects".

The Noah Project highlight the many rabbinical discussions in the Talmud and Midrash record that express an environmental ethics, and have unpacked the environmental dimension of three key Jewish festivals to express environmental awareness in ritual.

Perhaps the key focus of this discussion, as with the Christian tradition, is the two Biblical injunctions to 'subdue' the Earth and to 'steward' it. The Noah Project web site recommend Judaism and Ecology, as a useful exploration of this theme.

A more recent discussion is Ellen Bernstein's The Splendor of Creation: A Biblical Ecology (Pilgrim Press, 2005). Ellen Bernstein, founded the first Jewish environmental organization, the Washington based Shomrei Adamah (Keepers of the Earth). According to Tikkun magazine, The Splendor of Creation: A Biblical Ecology "redraws the map of Jewish environmental thinking". There are more reviews on the authors site.

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