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Corporate Fightback: The Major Protest Response Unit

"If you are a developer tendering for privately funded building projects, such as DBFO (Design, Build, Fund & Operate) schemes in environmentally sensitive areas, wise up! Environmental protesters are not going away, in fact they are increasing their activities to include construction as well as road building sites."

So says Trevor Coleman, the Devon Under-sherrif who helped evict camps along the route of the A30. His company, the 'Major Protest Response Unit' will provided a full estimate the price of clearing any protest site.

The company warns potential developers, "not to underestimate the campaigners & their techniques for halting construction".

The Major Protest Response Unit will provide a complete analysis of a potential site: accessibility, if there are protected species, the extent of local support, what tunneling & tree climbing specialists & equipment will be required, security costs, plus advice on how to obtain posession orders, insurance & VAT implications. The Major Protest Response Unit is coordinated by Malcom Dixon, & Trevor Coleman.

They can be contacted at Michelmores Solicitors, Catherdral Yard, Exeter, Devon. Tel: 01392 436244.

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